Best 1 Superstore

Brand Positioning Statement,
Social Media Design,
Shop Branding, OOH & Activation

Danish Ejaz – Management
Ayesha Channa – Design Lead
Fabaiha Khalid – Content Designing
Ali Rajani – Content Development

The Solution:

Best1 Superstore started its operations in 2021 in the DHA area in Karachi where they were unable to communicate their USP and their sales were depleting on a daily basis. MADvertising was briefed to understand and provide a communication plan that can create awareness about what the store offers and the wide range of local and imported consumer products available under one roof. MADvertising developed their positioning statement as well as their design strategy where we focused on their product categories and consulted the client to focus on their social media. Also, to create more noise, MADvertising executed a focused OOH campaign through Pole signs on the main highways around a 10 km radius area and launched an activation campaign where brand representatives were engaging with customers. Furthermore we’ve been highlighting the USP of Best1 Superstore throughout. Our first month of campaigning gave a 30% rise in their daily sales which is yet the fastest result-oriented case study with any Client.

Best 1