About Us

We are a strategy-led, creative minded and business driven agency.

”We’re here to know our customers inside and out, and to deliver results they could never have imagined.”

”We enjoy what we do, creating thoughtful and purposeful campaigns for notable brands”

”We’re here to know our customers inside and out, and to deliver results they could never have imagined.”

”We enjoy what we do, creating thoughtful and purposeful campaigns for notable brands”


Danish Ejaz
Founder & CEO

An advertising veteran, he segued into digital media after stints at Ogilvy, Leo Burnett and Publicis. With 18 years+ experience working with local and international agencies and brands like Unilever, British American Tobacco, Philip Morris HBL, Engro & PSO, to name a few. He believes in working with brands that seek to enrich lives.

Ayesha Channa
Head of Design

Our “Design Phenom” gives colourful life to the dull agency processes. With the diversified experience of creating brand identities, 3D designs, UX/UI and catchy social media content of local and global brands. A strong sense of narrative and edge of design sense uplifts and identifies the client’s imagery in the midst of content.

Kayenaat Hameed Khan
Head of Content

Kayenat Hameed is an experienced Creative Specialist with a rich history of working in the think tanks industry. she is a prodigy in Content Writing and also holds the title of Peshawar’s first spoken artist. With almost a decade of experience, Kayenat’s storytelling skills always bring an enticing perspective to brands.

Sarim Asif
Regional Head – Australia

With an experience of more than 2 decades in Australia, Sarim has a keen eye on its market and understands business growth and its strategies, He has intense experience working with Global Giants and handling multiple teams in and outside Australia.

Farhan Naseem
Web Developer

Farhan represents the backend tech world and is a whiz kid of web development. His command of PHP and front-end development gives a solid foundation to the web development side of MADvertising. He is very solution-driven and has proven time and time again as a valuable member of the family.

Tayyaba Khurram
Influencer Marketing Manager

Tayyaba is our celebrity and a lifestyle influencer. She has a proven track record of executing some engaging influencer campaigns and her focused approach is always a win situation for the brands. Starting her relationship with MADvertising as Account Executive, she has grown into a proper Influence Marketing expert and is leading her career with powerful case studies.

Rafay Aziz
Design Manager

With a diverse experience of not just working in an agency, Rafay holds experience in design from the brand side too. Thus, enabling him to understand the perspective of a client directly. With creative designing, he also has a strong grip in web designing as well as UX/UI development by understanding the consumer journey.

Taskeen Zehra
Account Manager

Taskeen is a relatively fresh graduate brimming with some engaging ideas that make her a perfect family member of the MADvertising team. Her outspoken and honest personality keeps reality checks with the spark of creative thinking which makes it a killer combination for an account manager in these times.


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Website Design & Development, Booklet Design


Logo Design, Website Design & Development

DS Total Solutions
TPL Insurance

Brand Positioning Statement, Social Media Management

ECommerce Website Design & Development, Social Media Management, Animations, Performance Marketing & Consultation

Content Development, Social Media Design

Work Hall
Dream Beyond

Social Media Management, Animation & Production, Marketing Consultation

Website Design & Development

Website Development, Social Media Management, Performance Marketing

Cleantech Republic

Logo Design, Website Development, Social Media Design, Animations, Consultation

Branding, Social Media Design

Social Media Design

Solar Quality

Branding, Content Development, Website Design

Consulting, Social Media Design, Animations

Social Media Management, Animations

Easy Insurance

Website Design & Development, Social Media Management

Branding, Social Media Management, Website Design, DVC Production

Brand Name, Logo, Packaging Design

Tutors Gateway
Samba Bank

Logo Design, Brand Book Development, Brand Positioning Statement, Social Media Design


Website Design & Development, Social Media Management, Animations & Productions


Website & Social Media Management

Website Development, Business Consultation

Website Design & Development


Website Design & Development

Logo Design, Branding, Website Design & Development

Logo Design Website Design & Development, App UX/UI

Orange Fox
Silent Roar

Content Development, Social Media Design

Website Design & Development

Website Design & Development


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